Cleveland Invitational Championship

ProEventPhoto takes photos and videos at the Cleveland Invitational Championship Figure Skating Competition.

To purchase prints after the event, please click on the “View and Order Photos from Your Event” button above.  They are normally posted by the following Tuesday.

After the event, if you would like to order the video DVD or photo CD, please call us.  We will need to know the number of the event, and, for photos, the image numbers for your skater’s photos.  You can get these numbers by clicking on “View and Order Photos from Your Event.”  Locate the event in the list and note the event number.  Click on the event number and review the thumbnails until you find your skater.  Click on the first image and read the image name under the picture.  Go back to the thumbnails and locate the last image.  Note the ending image name.

Statues and blankets are shipped directly from our outlab to you, so the price includes the required shipping.  The fleece blanket has a smoother surface and shows a sharper image.  The velveteen plush blanket is soft, cuddly and fuzzy.

The 30”x40” blanket is about the size of a baby blanket.  The 50”x60” blanket is a great size for cuddling on the couch.  The 60”x80” would be large enough to put on a twin bed.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 216-751-6686 x105 or email us at

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