Tips for Great School Pictures

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Nervous about your school picture day coming up? Not sure what to wear? Don’t worry!
ProEventPhoto wants you to have the best picture day experience ever. So we put together a list of school picture day tips to help make your pictures look great this year!

Hair and Makeup Tips

Plan your haircut a week before picture day
Choose a hairstyle that is similar to your normal every day look
Stick to makeup with neutral shades that enhance your features
For older teens, send hair and makeup supplies to school for quick touch ups

What to Wear

Choose solid or simple patterns
Avoid spaghetti straps or off-the-shoulder blouses
Avoid shirts with slogans
Stick with small accessories that don’t detract – simple earrings/necklaces

Other Tips to Consider

Limit over exposure to the sun for a few days before picture day
Practice relaxing and smiling for your camera at home
Get enough sleep the night before picture day
Give yourself enough time to get ready the morning of picture day
Place your order online before picture day to reduce the picture day stress
Make sure you take a photo, even if you don’t plan to order!
Your school uses these pictures for identification purposes.

Need more school picture day tips?

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