Mandel Jewish Day School

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ProEventPhoto is the official school photographer for Mandel Jewish Day School (formerly Agnon Jewish School). We offer school portraits and other services at the schools listed above.

Choose a school from the list above to view your picture day schedule, download order forms, and place orders online before and after picture day.

Ways to Order

School picture day order envelopes will be handed out at the school. However, if the envelope did not make it home, you may print a copy of the order form by selecting your school above. Place the order form in an envelope with your payment. Write the student’s name, grade and teacher on the front of the envelope. Send the envelope to the school on or before picture day.

To prepay for your package online, visit our ProEventPhoto Pre-Order website. Please note that online pre-payments must be completed by the day before picture day. Prepay online is not available for retake day.

If you did not place an order on picture day, or you would like to order additional pictures, you may do so at our secure web store. Here you will be able to view your photos and choose your favorite image. All school pictures are posted online about 3-5 weeks after picture day. You will need your student’s ID (password) to access the pictures. This information will be provided on your student’s order form. If you do not have your student’s ID number, please call our customer service number at (216) 751-6686 x105.