Shaker Heights High School

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School Picture Options

School Sports Picture Options

Shaker Heights Commencement

ProEventPhoto also takes pictures of the graduates at the commencement ceremony.
Watch your email for the announcement that the images are available for viewing.

Picture Day Schedule

School Picture Day (Grades 9-11) September 22, 2017
Senior Picture Day October 27, 2017
School Retake Day October 27, 2017
Fall Sports Picture Days August 17-19, 2017
Winter Sports Picture Days TBD
Spring Sports Picture Day TBD
Senior Class Photo Picture Day April 27, 2018

In addition to the retake day scheduled at the school, retakes may be taken at the MotoPhoto Portrait Studio in Shaker Heights. To schedule a retake at our studio, please call (216) 751-6686 x105.