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Order My Yearbook

YearbookMarket - Order Yearbook If you are a parent or student wanting to order a yearbook, click here.   Note that a $2 convenience fee has been added to your yearbook price to pay for those nasty credit card charges and administration fees.

Order My Selfie Stickers

YearbookMarket - Order Selfie Sticker If you would like to sign your friend’s yearbooks with a fabulous picture of YOURSELF, click here.  After all, you are uploading the picture – how could it be less than fabulous? Disclaimer: Your yearbook committee will review your picture so DON’T make them make you do it over again.

Many schools are accepting payment for the selfies online.  Upload your selfie and approve the cropping.  You’ll get an email with a link for payment.

Yearbook Creators

Yearbook Covers

If you are a member of one of the hard working teams creating  a yearbook click here  for insight, inspiration and help.